La Alta Ruta de Redes Logotipo

Circular trekking in stages in the Natural Park of Redes with 83.5 km and 5300m+.

It is a wild and different trekking due to the environment where it is located, which is one of the most beautiful and unknown natural parks on the peninsula, declared a Biosphere Reserve.


Soto de Agues- Campu Casu
23,5 km - 1425+

The starting point is the Soto de Agues parking lot where the trekking begins and ends. In this way, at the end of the activity you avoid traveling.

This first stage is simple on comfortable paths and making contact for the days to come. We will pass through the villages of Agues and Ladines of a unique beauty to ascend through Bosques to the foothills of the Cuyargayos. There are several escape routes. It does not have any technical complications beyond a slight descent of about 50 meters by a jacket with uneven terrain. We arrived at Campu Casu after 23.5 km and 1425+.

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Campu Casu- Brañagallones
21 km - 1650 m+

Possibly the most demanding and long stage of the tour. It leaves the town of Campu Casu to begin a long and long ascent in two kilometers. It does not have great slopes but it is sustained until the summit of the Visu the big one. Then the show begins by crossing several high pastures to cross one of the largest and most century-old beech forests in Asturias, El Bosque de Redes, 6.7 kilometers through an imposing forest that leaves us in the most beautiful place of the trekking and final rest, the Brañagallones Refuge. A luxury hotel converted into a mountain refuge.

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19,2 km - 950 m+

This third stage we can say that it is “rest” or rather descent.

Leaving through the majada de Valdebezón, where we have the cave that is the source of the monastery river, we begin a strong climb of about 600 meters to enter the most alpine area of the trekking to the slopes of the Peña del Viento. From there we will link with the braña of Mericueria On a dizzying downhill path, to ascend the last meters of incomparable beauty and kiss the waters of the highest lake in Asturias, the Lake Ubales at 1700m altitude. Once there we begin a long and extensive descent to another of the most emblematic places of the park such as the gorge of Los Arrudos, Before the end of the stage that leaves us in the town of Caleao .

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Caleao- Soto de Agues
22km - 1275 m+

Final stage with several surprises. The most complete and colorful stage with several different types of terrain. First two km of forest track on the banks of the river to enter a small gorge in the Xulió Valley. An imposing place in the shadow of the great summit of the council of Sobrescobio. Goal of the day. The Pico Retriñón and its 1840m. Once the summit is crowned, you will be able to observe the entire Redes Natural Park with its large summits and the most important mountains in Asturias. An authentic viewpoint from which we will begin the descent to the Ruta del Alba, another of the emblematic places of Asturias.

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Recommended material

Being a high-altitude Trekking:

  • Boot-type mountain shoes and something to rest in the shelters.
  • Long trekking pants or tights
  • T-shirts for activity and rest
  • Polar lining
  • Goretex
  • Sunglasses, cap or buf (optional), sunscreen.
  • Canesticks
  • Sleeping bag
  • GPS (Required).

Cancellation policy

  • Within 30 days of the start of the route: refund of the amount paid for the reservation, except €85/person for management fees.
  • Cancellations between 21 days and 8 days before the start of the route: refund of 50% of the amount paid as a reservation.
  • Cancellations before 7 days of the start of the route. There is no refund of the amount paid in the reservation form.
  • The start of the route will depend on the availability of the accommodations and the dates since it is a personalized route.

Price: €295

Information and Pre-booking

*We will contact you in 24-48 hours to confirm that everything is correct, the final price and the payment instructions.