Hiking is a sport that takes place in nature and that does not entail major complications. At Nortrail Mountains we adapt activities to all age groups and offer a wide range of routes in different environments, valuing our experience and professionalism.


FOR ONE OR SEVERAL DAYS. Unlike hiking, treks are experiences that are a little more demanding and with some technical difficulty, such as the types of terrain where they are developed. We enter the most impressive and exclusive trails in our mountains and the activities are extended in duration and routes.


Without a doubt, this is one of our star activities. Our activities in nature are closely linked to the practice of Yoga. Thanks to the collaboration with the WEAREYOGA studio in Salinas and to our total knowledge of each of the Natural Parks that make up our Cantabrian Mountains, we deploy a variety of joint activities in the most idyllic enclaves that exist. Can you imagine walking the most secret trails we have and practicing yoga in the wildest places…?


Although we are at the mercy of the weather, snowshoe tours are in high demand. For many people who are new to mountaineering, snowshoes are a winter classic. An outdoor show that we develop in safe and uniquely beautiful environments.


Nortrail Mountains we are specialists in great routes. After traveling the Apolobamba Mountain Range in Bolivia, crossing the Tatras in Poland or the Atlas in Morocco, we discovered our passion for great adventures. Looking in the mirror of the great adventurers, we want to share with you one of the least known and wildest treks that can be done today. 88 kilometers and 6000+ in the Redes Natural Park in Asturias in 4 stages where every centimeter we travel overwhelms us with its beauty.
A whole sensory experience where we submit to the thickness of the forests, the whisper of their streams and the magnitude of their mountains.