Nortrail Mountains Guías de Montaña, La Alta Ruta de Redes 115


Nortrail Mountains is a mountain guide company based in the village of La Peral in the Somiedo Natural Park and that offers its services of Trekking for one or several days, hiking, snowshoe excursions, bivouacs in nature and training courses throughout the national and international geography.

My name is Gobitu Bode and I have been developing my passion for more than 40 years in mountains in many different countries. I have been fortunate enough to be able to climb peaks in the Andes, Tatras, Alps, Pyrenees, Troddos, Dolomites and our wonderful Cantabrian Mountains.

Since I was 4 years old, I was already starting to make my first bivouacs in El Sueve in a real summer adventure that began in my hometown of Playa de Vega in Ribadesella.

Over the years, thanks to my father and brother, I gradually learned about disciplines such as speleology on a few occasions and then climbing with my friends during my stay in eastern Asturias. Starting in 1994, I began seriously to hang out and get to know the Cantabrian mountain range in its entirety and to make the first incursions into the Pyrenees. Nowadays, after numerous trips around the world, I have the great luck and opportunity to share my passion with all of you and help to spread and educate in the values that nature offers us.